Friday, March 5, 2010

Corny Jokes

Do yall like my supah-dupah, awesome, new blog layout thingy?! I'm going to be adding another banner really soon though (: Anyway...

I'm a huge fan of corny jokes! I laugh at the the stupidest stuff ever. It's actually really addicting, because I end up making my friends laugh when I laugh at weird stuff. Corny jokes put me on this huge high. Once I start laughing at them, I can't stop.

The other day I was in after-school English Literature class. We were discussing some stuff in the book we're reading (I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou. Awesome book!), when all of the sudden I hear a rooster crowing.

Say whaaaaaaaat?

It was totally unexpected. I sit right next to the window in class, so I looked out and what do I see? A rooster. Crossing the road. Umm.... ok, random! I don't know why the rooster was crossing the road or what the HECK it was doing at our school in the first place. Of course, once I looked out the window I started laughing and I said, "OH MY GOD! Why did the chicken cross the road?!" And my friend says, "To get to the other side? Hahaha!"

Can you believe I was laughing so hard that I was crying?! And it's even funnier when someone next to you doesn't think it's funny, because it makes the joke even funnier...

Haha I say these really weird things, too. Just yesterday, in after-school Biology class, I was eating some chips called Omani Chips that I'd nicked off one of my friends. I popped a chip in my mouth and gasped, "It tastes like I just ate the whole of Oman here!" and everyone started laughing. I have some serious immaturity problems going on, but I love how the corny-ness rubs off on people.

Oh, that reminds me of something. My friend and I were talking and out of nowhere my friend goes, "Hey, I heard this super funny pick-up line the other day." I'm like, "Um, ok. Tell me."

My friend: Hey, do you have a raisin?
Me: ...No.
My friend: How about a date? *staring at me, trying to hold back the laughter with a straight face*
Me: I don't get it *unsure face*

Honestly, it took me about 1 minute to understand. When I DID understand, I was crying with laughter. Funniest thing ever!!!

I'm gonna end this post with a corny joke...

What did the big chimney say to the small chimney?
...... "You're too young to smoke."

I hope that at least brought a smile to your face... Here I am laughing my head off. LOL


  1. I love corny jokes as well and I thought those were funny, lol. Ok the chicken crossing the road was random but defiantly laughable.

    The book love it and my all time favorite as you know. I love the author so much all her poems touch me. She wrote one for president Obama and it was so nice mashAllah. You should look it up!

    Hope you like the banner if not let me know...

  2. This happens to me sometimes; I mean laughing my head off when the joke isn't even that funny;D

    Thanks for bringing the smile right to my room:)

  3. LOOL..That has to be the funniest pick up line I have heard in forever!

    Its up there with "Can I look at the tag on your shirt?"


    "Because you must be made in heaven!"

    Sometimes it's the random nonsense (like a rooster crossing the the middle of class) that makes us laugh the most!

  4. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! That was FUNNY dude! LOL

    I totally get what you mean about cornyness rubbing of on ppl!

    awesome post! haha

  5. as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

    " And it's even funnier when someone next to you doesn't think it's funny, because it makes the joke even funnier..."


    But you know what is the funniest? Its when you don't get a joke and then maybe a half an hour to a hours later all of a sudden you get it and you start laughing and no one knows why your laughing!!

  6. LOOOOOL I just read the pick-up line again and I started laughing xD

    Twizzle- that's the best! It's like you spend your whole day's worth of thoughts on that one joke and you finally get it after hours of contemplation... and you can't stop laughing LOL

    Tiff- hahahhaha that's so cheesyyy, I'd be laughing my head of!

    Skittle & Miss Dreamer- thank you my loverliesssss <3

  7. ooo UmmTalal, I love the banner!! I'm just gonna have to take a while before I can actually put it on lol

  8. I love jokes, too! And, I like that chimney I'll be sure to pass it along :D

    Like they say, laughing is the best medicine :)

  9. LOL! you are too cute girly hahaha. I love that picture too hahaha.

  10. Erika- it's so nice to see you comment here =D

    Zaiynab- LOL I loved the pic too (:

  11. :)) That's sooo funnnnnnny! The rooster crossing the road. I would totally have been cracking up. (By the way, back when I was in school, I used to ALWAYS hear a rooster crowing in the middle of the day, like before lunch time. It used to drive me insane trying to figure out why the rooster would come out at that time. 8-} Anyways, I totally AGREE! When others don't think it's funny, it becomes even more hilarious.

    The problem with me is that sometimes I laugh so hard, no sound comes out-- but there like all these tears...(y3ni I'm crying laughter) and everyone around me is like "Are you okay????" LOL.

    The pick up line was really funny, too <3


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