Friday, March 26, 2010


I write a lot of creative writing. It takes a lot to inspire me to write something truly good. The inspiration can range from a picture, a landscape, a story, a person or even a memory... I like to write all my feelings out on paper. It's like my heart flowing out of an inky pen, so it can dry. It's like an indirect way of releasing my emotions. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I write. It's so much more different than talking... which is why it's sometimes easier for me to write my feelings instead of saying them. It feels right.
So now that I've explained a passion of mine, I'll go on by saying that I wrote this a couple months back. =D
"It's ace!!!", according to one of my friends LOL.

(all rights to Skinner on DeviantArt. He's awesome!)

And as the last rays of sunlight paint the horizon with crimson, fucsia and gold, I wait for shadow to spread across the land. Soon darkness washes the sky with inky hues of black and blue. The stars are starting to appear, seeming to push themselves shyly through the quilt of black. I lay back and settle myself in the grass sniffing in the smell of sun-baked earth and weed seeds. A cricket and nightbird voice their tunes and gather in a duet of harmony. I feel the notes float softly away in the air, breathe a sigh of contentment and let my eyes flutter close. I fall asleep listening to the song of cricket and night bird, the moon and stars casting a faint glow on my body where grass was not obsecuring it.

This is copyrighted. Please don't use without my permission.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Woes of My Toe LOL

I was folding some clean laundry that I had hung up, and my little brother was in the same room as me. Sometimes it gets really annoying, because he tends to get all the folded clothes I put down and throw them everywhere. I was a little bit frustrated and kept telling him to go out of the room so I could fold everything. He decided to whip back in with his plastic, toy car that he rides around the house.
I was getting even more annoyed, until he finally went out of the room. I had a stack of folded laundry in my arms and didn't see his car in the way.
I TRODDED on his car. My big toe took the blow and I'm like, "Owwwwwwwww *whine*". My Mom asked what was going on and I told her. I didn't really think anything happened to me, so I went along and place the clothes in the closets where they belong.
As I was walking outside Mom's bedroom, she goes, "OH MY GOD, YOU'RE BLEEDING!" I looked down and sure enough, my toe was bleeding... not only that, I had trailed loads of blood across the floor without even realizing it. I ran (actually more like hobbled lol) towards the little bathroom and started running my toe under water. I looked at it and so much skin had been torn off and a huge piece was flapping off from under.
I had to keep pressing it for about 15 minutes until the bleeding subsided. I put some tissue and a band-aid around it. Now it just hurts like HECK.
And the worst thing is, I might have to keep wearing sandals until it heals completely. I was afraid I'd have to get stitches! Thank God I don't have to.
Besides that, my school is having an inter-school basketball competition... Loads of school teams came today, and we spent most of our free time in the gym cheering on our teams of preference =D We went a little wild towards the end of the day lol! It was soooo hot outside too, so I guess today is officially summer!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What I'm Doing

.... 0.0....

This is my way of studying Stoichiometry. Listen to the teacher at school, if I don't understand a lot, I go over it again. If I still don't understand, I go to YouTube. LOL
This guy is great, by the way! I think he tapes himself teaching while he's in class (you can hear some students going "Oooooh!" and he's obviously amplifying his voice).

I hate Chemistry so much, it's not even funny... It's this one topic that I get really confused with, it's totally meaningless. I'm not going to do anything later in life related to Chemistry, so why do I take it? I don't know myself.

Oh, and I did this last week so I could study Quadratic Equations. It's actually kind of sad when you have to resort to YouTube, so you can learn something... LOL Don't watch the vid if you don't like Chemistry; it'll bore you to death.

On a side note: I got my braces tightened yesterday and they don't nearly hurt as much as when I first got them. How strange =D Now I'm off to study!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

March is awesome!

(took the picture above about a month ago)

I can't believe February went by so quickly, it's kind of strange... It's March before you know it (: I think March is awesome; not only because my birthday (and so many of my other close friends+family members) is towards the end of this month, but also because I get to experience the re-birth of things that had withered away in autumn and winter.
Here in UAE, when March comes crawling around the corner, it starts to get hot outside. So far it's been pretty nice, but I'm starting to notice the heat wave creeping up on us. It's warm and breezy outside these days, perfect for a BBQ outside.
I like seeing the flowers blossom and the clouds pass by on a leisurely stroll through the sky... Spring starts this month, although you hardly get a spring here. It's mostly just summer. lol
It's about this time of year that I start craving summer really badly (not that I don't crave it the rest of the year... it's the waiting that does me in). The urge to feel a sense of carelessness because I'm on vacation... God willing this year will be the year we go back to Texas. I miss my family way too much.
March is awesome!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Corny Jokes

Do yall like my supah-dupah, awesome, new blog layout thingy?! I'm going to be adding another banner really soon though (: Anyway...

I'm a huge fan of corny jokes! I laugh at the the stupidest stuff ever. It's actually really addicting, because I end up making my friends laugh when I laugh at weird stuff. Corny jokes put me on this huge high. Once I start laughing at them, I can't stop.

The other day I was in after-school English Literature class. We were discussing some stuff in the book we're reading (I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou. Awesome book!), when all of the sudden I hear a rooster crowing.

Say whaaaaaaaat?

It was totally unexpected. I sit right next to the window in class, so I looked out and what do I see? A rooster. Crossing the road. Umm.... ok, random! I don't know why the rooster was crossing the road or what the HECK it was doing at our school in the first place. Of course, once I looked out the window I started laughing and I said, "OH MY GOD! Why did the chicken cross the road?!" And my friend says, "To get to the other side? Hahaha!"

Can you believe I was laughing so hard that I was crying?! And it's even funnier when someone next to you doesn't think it's funny, because it makes the joke even funnier...

Haha I say these really weird things, too. Just yesterday, in after-school Biology class, I was eating some chips called Omani Chips that I'd nicked off one of my friends. I popped a chip in my mouth and gasped, "It tastes like I just ate the whole of Oman here!" and everyone started laughing. I have some serious immaturity problems going on, but I love how the corny-ness rubs off on people.

Oh, that reminds me of something. My friend and I were talking and out of nowhere my friend goes, "Hey, I heard this super funny pick-up line the other day." I'm like, "Um, ok. Tell me."

My friend: Hey, do you have a raisin?
Me: ...No.
My friend: How about a date? *staring at me, trying to hold back the laughter with a straight face*
Me: I don't get it *unsure face*

Honestly, it took me about 1 minute to understand. When I DID understand, I was crying with laughter. Funniest thing ever!!!

I'm gonna end this post with a corny joke...

What did the big chimney say to the small chimney?
...... "You're too young to smoke."

I hope that at least brought a smile to your face... Here I am laughing my head off. LOL
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