Saturday, March 6, 2010

March is awesome!

(took the picture above about a month ago)

I can't believe February went by so quickly, it's kind of strange... It's March before you know it (: I think March is awesome; not only because my birthday (and so many of my other close friends+family members) is towards the end of this month, but also because I get to experience the re-birth of things that had withered away in autumn and winter.
Here in UAE, when March comes crawling around the corner, it starts to get hot outside. So far it's been pretty nice, but I'm starting to notice the heat wave creeping up on us. It's warm and breezy outside these days, perfect for a BBQ outside.
I like seeing the flowers blossom and the clouds pass by on a leisurely stroll through the sky... Spring starts this month, although you hardly get a spring here. It's mostly just summer. lol
It's about this time of year that I start craving summer really badly (not that I don't crave it the rest of the year... it's the waiting that does me in). The urge to feel a sense of carelessness because I'm on vacation... God willing this year will be the year we go back to Texas. I miss my family way too much.
March is awesome!


  1. awwww inshallah you will get to see your family this summer!!

    I am SO not excited for the next coming months LOL... the heat is just unbearable!!

    But yes, the evenings are still nice enough to be outside so Alhamdulillah we have to enjoy it as long as we can inshallah!

  2. Hello there,

    You are right. And you know what? For me March it is enough that I know that March is really the start of siring!I love the feeling of it, and the knowledge that s beautiful season is greeting us; only a step away;P


  3. Lovely picture. Can't believe it's March already too!

  4. Months are passing really fast this year. I still can't believe it's March already. Summer is back =[

  5. Twizzle- OMG whenever you step outside during summer, it's like walking in a 350 degree oven!!! All angry!

    Miss Dreamer- Yesss, I love the fact that spring comes around this time!

    Walk The Sand- thank youu!

  6. Smart Cookie- aw yeah.. can't believe it's already month 3 into 2010!!!!
    I'm counting on this summer to be incredible! I'm glad summer's coming... i just don't want the heat LOL

  7. InshaAllah you will all get to go back home this year! that would be fantastic :D

    On a bad note, im so NOT looking forward to the summer! yucky yucky heat! ahhhhh!

  8. It's only winter and summer in this part of the world. Well, mostly summer, but you know how it is.

    Happy belated birthday. I stumbled upon your blog from your mother's link, she said you're interested in novels, poetry, etc.

    Well, I felt the same way too. Last time I remember, it was January and before we know it, it's March. Time passes by like lightning, before you know it, you're struck down. So the only thing we're ought to do is invest it in the best way possible.

    Nice blog. Keep writing, and I shall keep following.

  9. Beautifully written MashAllah, I totally agree! SUMMER HAD BETTER COME NOW!!!

  10. I like your blog title :)

    Pretty pictures.

    Just found your blog today! :)


  11. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog...sweet comments! Yea, I usually go to Denny's late at night, Especially because it's one of the only places that stays open 24 hours, haha! You should check F21...they always have cute jeans!! And OMG, I can't wait for summer...I mean, I'm glad spring is here, but now I can't wait for summer! Hope you get to come down to Texas this year...I'm from Texas, too! <3 :)

  12. Febuary did go really fast! I love the picture, so pretty! :)

  13. Happy birth day :)
    And really … where did the time go??!!!

  14. It feels like new year was yesterday! it's so scary how time passes by really fast!

    I can't wait for June!! *hint hint* yes it's my birthday!!!

  15. Maskenlady- thank you (:

    OmAbdullah- going to Texas is going to make me a happy little girl =D and i don't want the heat either, blehhh

    Kitten- thanks for stopping by! Yep, the main seasons here in UAE are summer and winter... lol
    oh and my b-day is march 23rd (: so I still have to wait.

    Fatima- I can't waittttttt for summer! I seriously can't wait anymore! LOL

    Erika- omg thanks for commenting! oo I didn't know you were from Texas, too. =D

    Fashion Chalet- aw thanks so much<3 your blog is awesome, i love it!

    Smiley- thank youuu!!! and i don't know where the time goes... lol

    Zaiynab- *does a crazy March dance with you*

    Faith- *hugs*

    Bliss- shall I send you a gift? =P

  16. cute picture though! ouf i hate that hotness weather :/

  17. Salam =) Ooooh when is your birthday??


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