Friday, March 26, 2010


I write a lot of creative writing. It takes a lot to inspire me to write something truly good. The inspiration can range from a picture, a landscape, a story, a person or even a memory... I like to write all my feelings out on paper. It's like my heart flowing out of an inky pen, so it can dry. It's like an indirect way of releasing my emotions. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I write. It's so much more different than talking... which is why it's sometimes easier for me to write my feelings instead of saying them. It feels right.
So now that I've explained a passion of mine, I'll go on by saying that I wrote this a couple months back. =D
"It's ace!!!", according to one of my friends LOL.

(all rights to Skinner on DeviantArt. He's awesome!)

And as the last rays of sunlight paint the horizon with crimson, fucsia and gold, I wait for shadow to spread across the land. Soon darkness washes the sky with inky hues of black and blue. The stars are starting to appear, seeming to push themselves shyly through the quilt of black. I lay back and settle myself in the grass sniffing in the smell of sun-baked earth and weed seeds. A cricket and nightbird voice their tunes and gather in a duet of harmony. I feel the notes float softly away in the air, breathe a sigh of contentment and let my eyes flutter close. I fall asleep listening to the song of cricket and night bird, the moon and stars casting a faint glow on my body where grass was not obsecuring it.

This is copyrighted. Please don't use without my permission.


  1. Oh baby girl! I Love you! and you are such a talented poet and writer. <3 Love, mama. <3

  2. Hey! I've been wanting to comment on your blog for a while now, but couldn't! Now I can...yay!

    Lovely writing, you're goooood!

    How's your toe? :/

    Oh, and I've used YouTube to learn stuff, too...hahaha.

    Well, I hope you're doing great :D

  3. Beautifully written!! I love expressing myself through creative writing as well :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Erika- I think there was a glitch or something. I had to fix the HTML up a bit and it started working again. Weird 0.o Oh and thank youuu!
    My toe's fine, doesn't hurt anymore!

    Mariam- Thank you, sis. Maybe we could collaborate or something. (:

  5. I'm glad to hear your toe doesn't hurt anymore! :)


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