Saturday, March 13, 2010

What I'm Doing

.... 0.0....

This is my way of studying Stoichiometry. Listen to the teacher at school, if I don't understand a lot, I go over it again. If I still don't understand, I go to YouTube. LOL
This guy is great, by the way! I think he tapes himself teaching while he's in class (you can hear some students going "Oooooh!" and he's obviously amplifying his voice).

I hate Chemistry so much, it's not even funny... It's this one topic that I get really confused with, it's totally meaningless. I'm not going to do anything later in life related to Chemistry, so why do I take it? I don't know myself.

Oh, and I did this last week so I could study Quadratic Equations. It's actually kind of sad when you have to resort to YouTube, so you can learn something... LOL Don't watch the vid if you don't like Chemistry; it'll bore you to death.

On a side note: I got my braces tightened yesterday and they don't nearly hurt as much as when I first got them. How strange =D Now I'm off to study!


  1. wow. lol I actually liked chemistry. I hated it at first but then when i understood it, it actually became interesting. but then I had an awesome teacher and the assessments we did were pretty cool.

  2. as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

    you had me lost at "Stoichiometry"....


  3. oh I love Chemistry! and Math!

    It's nice you can get the help you need online rather than having to hire an expensive tutor. in sha' Allah you won't need to take any more chemistry classes.

  4. Eww! Chemistry.. ><

    It was my least favorite class back in high school. Lol! You can learn almost anything from youtube.


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