Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Just Wanna Run

I'm really frustrated. Maybe it's because of the fact that our teachers managed to schedule 6 quizzes for us this week. Or maybe it's because our teachers over-react too much. Or it may possibly have something to do with the fact that I absolutely hate Chemistry.

At the rate we're going, I suspect I'll be able to apply to university next year (and that's telling you something!). I don't think we have the brain capacity to understand what we're being taught now. LOL
My Arabic teacher screamed at me today, because I told one of my friends that the story in Arabic we were taking is about the Templar Knights and Salahuddin Al Ayoubi.

Teacher: YA MISS! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?! *spittle flying everywhere*
Me: Nothing! I was telling her about the story!
Teacher: *points to my friend* Go get the superintendent and bring her to class. NOW!
My friend: She's not here, I checked earlier.
Teacher: *all puffed and angry*

Seriously! Chill! We know teachers deal with students all day, but in turn the students deal with the teachers. If the teachers are mean to us, we won't listen or take them seriously. I don't think they understand that. And to add a random thing that happened today: Our Ministry Social teacher told us to come to her office and get our notebooks (she had taken them in to check our work, etc). She told us she had bad news.
Ugh, God, what now?! Apparently, the storm last night managed to FLOOD (yep, I said flood) her office and all of our notebooks were soaken wet beyond recognition. There are things wrong with this world that are totally unexplainable. It gives me a headache!

Go die, Stoichiometry! Go dieeeeeeeeeeee!

I just wanna run, hide it away
Run because they're chasing me down
I just wanna run, throw it away
Run before they're finding me out
I just wanna run...


  1. Hey Texan Teen,

    I am new here;P
    I loved your post; it is so carefree and spontaneous, which adds to its charm.

    Guess what, I HATED Chemistry too, and I do want to run now, though for different reasons;D

  2. Salamu Alaikum

    Awww poor girl, if it makes you feel better I think almost all teenagers feel this way. I seriously think that the world needs to change the way we are educating, it should be fun and exciting and no one should have to feel like this.

    :( *bighug*

  3. Awwwwwww...sorry Hunny Bunny!
    Hope this up comming week will be FANTASTIC!!

  4. Don't worry, your not going to this school next year.. :|

  5. LOL @ spittle flying everywhere, hahahah. awww sucks about your notebooks though, inshaAllah everything will get better soon, big hugs!

  6. Am i the only one who found this funny?! :|
    It just reminded me of my school days and your Arabic teacher sounds EXACTLY like my Arabic teacher! Teachers can get a bit weird at times, all that paper work must get to them :P

    And gosh, her office got flooded! Blimey.

    Cheer up eh! :)

  7. as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

    ohhh I missed this post!! Inshallah you got through the week ok!

    and yes, inshallah you find another school next year :)

  8. lol i love ur blog cuz! i wanna make one now<3 i miss u hope to see u soon!


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