Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our class smells like dead bird... WITW?!

Yes, it smells like dead bird in our class. The air conditioner thing had an "underground fish explosion", according to our coordinator.

Um.... ok? Fish explosion? REALLY?! Wow. Just wow. Actually, I shouldn't be surprised, because at my school anything weird is considered normal and anything normal is considered weird. And I'm not joking; I'm not even kidding.

We walked into class on Sunday and this huge wave of stink just washed over us.

My friend: *gasp* I DON'T KNOW!
Other friend: It smells like freakin' death!
Rest of the peeps: Ewww, what is that?!?!?!?!

LOL and I can see where this is funny, because it's just so bad...
So yeah. We went and complained. We've been complaining for the past 3 days and still nothing has been done. We've had to switch to 3 different classes each day. It's flipping annoying.
Our classroom has been basking in dead bird smell for the past 3 days.

When will this madness end?!?! And if you haven't smelled dead bird, I don't recommend you do.



  1. aaahhh you reminded of the good old days . . . the BEST :D

  2. Hahaha this is hilarious! I hate nasty smells, so that would drive me crazy!

  3. OMG!! I cannot even force myself to imagine what the smell would feel like ough!!

    Something has to be done! Why are they not doing anything?? I wonder!!

  4. hey teen, i just realized that you have a blog!

    lol you're so funny! :D inshaAllah the class room smells like flowers next time! :D

  5. hehehe.. ahh i dont think i've smelled dead bird ever, but i'm guessing it's bad! LOL

    You're such a cute writer! <3

  6. Hahahaa .. you are so funny :D

    OMG .. a dead bird !!!! EWWWWW I wouldn't have stood that for a single hour !!

    Sorry for the unpleasing unhealthy days you spent dear :p


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