Thursday, April 8, 2010

A sunflower in the morning

Sorry for not posting much! I've been on Spring Break since the 2nd, I've had loads of time... but I just can't seem to get myself to post something on the blog. Nothing much has been happening. Ugh, and then school starts on Sunday again!!!
I guess I should start by saying that sunflowers are my favorite flowers in the world. I just LOVE them and the way they're just so "happy". I got inspired a couple days back by God knows what, and I just decided to write. Actually, it was more like typing... but that's what happens when you have an inspirational mo' on the computer lol!

A Sunflower In The Morning(it looks like this picture was taken at sunset... it was the only one I could find that would go with what I wrote xD)

The sun creeps across the hills and engulfs the fields with wisps of warmth. Each ray embraces a blade of grass, caresses it softly and gently lets go. The light continues on its way down to a meadow of wild flowers complaining of the cold that the moon left behind. As the sun and meadow graciously seize each other in nature's pleasant grasp, the sky begins adjusting its attention to the start of a new day. Clouds make their appearance as gusts of white cotton candy roaming an ocean of blue air. The sky blushes shyly, when a bird singing its morning song soars across its territory, and turns a fierce shade of pink.

Every detail of the morning is caught by the eyes of a dilapidated, rust-red barn house that stands in the middle of a meadow. Its paint curls away at the corners and softly falls to the ground in heaps of red powder. Hopeless and forlorn, the windows reflect no light and the only thing that helps it survive the day, is the small beam of sunshine given off by the solitary flower growing amidst a huddle of weeds. Every morning, the flower opens its leaves to the world to say hello. It radiates happiness and encourages life around it to be satisfied with life as it is.

The yellow reflection of its grafted petals beam a silent approval of existence. With its last glance at the world around it, the flower breathes once more and curls up gracefully among the scarlet dust left by the barn house. Covered by its veil of crimson, the flower fades into obscurity along with the mourning melody of the loss of life.

©. Please don't copy without my permission.


  1. wow amazing .. i like ur style in writing =)
    gave me an idea to write cheerful instead of my dark thoughts style :p

    keep posting ^-^
    have a nice day

  2. Wow Masha'Allah MAsha'Allah this is amazing sweetie. You are an amazing writer and I am really proud of you:)) I love it when I see a talent in writing, Masha'Allah.

    Keep it up dear.

  3. Rei- thanks loads! I love your writing though, it's so thought-provokingly dark. lol

    Miss Dreamer- thanks for the encouragement <3

  4. Mashallah you're so talented with your writing! ^^

    Sunflowers are really pretty. Our neighbors have a garden full of them, and it's just incredible. My favorite flowers are daisies though. I just love them with all their different kinds and colors. ^^

  5. Mashallah what you wrote was incredibly amazing!!
    Beautifully written xx

  6. MashaAllah Texan Teen, this was a beautiful piece of writing. I so love how your words make me visualize each and every moment while reading MashaAllah :)

  7. Sunflowers are my favorite, too! I've alwaysssss loved them and I love your writing! Keep sharing it with us:)

    It's true, I can visualize every moment, too ^^

  8. amazing post mashAllah :)... that's truly peaceful and inspiring.. i totally love it.. btw.. i love the quote u put in your "about me" :D.. i happen to use it a lot too... first visit to your blog and it's simply cute and amazing...

    Salam :)


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