Monday, February 1, 2010

Without further ado....

The time has come!!!

You know, I've been contemplating on making a blog for a while now. I've finally decided to type in on my computer and here I am! I think I still have to travel down the blogging road a bit in order to understand how everything works...
But you know what the funniest thing is?

So there I am, thinking I'm all that and a bag of chips starting a blog and when I try to register under my email, it tells me "This email is already in use."
Um. What?! ... And then I finally understood! I remembered I had made a blog once before- 4 years ago. 0.0 Of course, I didn't remember the password so I had to reset it. When I read my entries I was laughing and I went ahead and deleted them... I created a new blog.
It's going to be a little bit hard balancing this between school and my usual business, so I don't think I'll be posting that much. However, when I DO my posts will be absolutely positively fantabulous... I promise!
And so it is with great pride I introduce you to my blog! LOL

Without further ado....
I now present...

Chewed Erasers & Crazy Outburts!

(cool name, huh?)


  1. Your so creative!!! masha'a'Allah!!!! I'm so proud!!!!!!!!! invite the sisters we know. <3 love you, baby girl!

  2. loOOOooove it ! Your so creative and cute! mahsaAllah Can't wait to read your posts ;)

  3. Salam alaikum
    Looking good mashaallah!!!!
    Keep the posts comming inshaallah!

    Big hugs <3

  4. Wow.I'm jealous! You're entrance to the blog world was amazing ,seriously that was sooo good and your blog looks so personal hopefully you can help me to re-design mine better?
    Salaams for now! <3

  5. aw thanks everyone <3
    Forever Learning: sure thing. anything you need help with, i am here.. (:

  6. Asalamu aliakum!

    WOooHOo! Texan Teen's got a blog! LOOOL at thinking you're all that and forgetting you already had a blog, hehe! Anyways, love the background! Can't wait to read your exciting, crazy, creative, random posts


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